jorge haro av concert

dynamics [input]

Curated by Julieta Sepich and Marcelo Marzoni


dynamics [input] departs from Jorge Haro’s poetical universe to unfold a series of familiar constants that emerge.

His poetic stroke makes appearances burst out to focus on the subtle transformation of sound.


The body of work makes sense taking data as a starting point: what lies behind it? What obscures the strategy? Or on the contrary: what reveals it?


Like in a game of soft oppositions, a very personal alphabet is featured where sound-or the lack of it- in physical or perceptive terms is the raw material.


And so the question is raised: what do we hear? How do we do it? What is our bandwidth?

Poetry is made by transforming the sound into light, vibration or the absence of matter.

Haro, challenging, explores the non-material world: there are prints that wander about like waste, like audible traces.

His work becomes a ghost map.

Movement is the mummified gesture of the process. At the same time, a counter iconography comes to light where the visual aspect embodies the inaccessible sound, the impossible margin.

The work bears no grudge against this kind of pollution and bare-faced, it reveals a mise-en-scene:

a simulation of production and editing.

dynamics [input] provides a ghost body to silence. Its paradox resides in the fact that Haro uninhabits space thus, resorting to a game of substitutions: changing the means to transform. It all comes down to the principle of adjusting: the amphibious body.


His laboratory-like idea allows us to bear witness of his experimentation: the unfinished work as a poetic formulation to dismantle the art of sound. He explores the organic world as from the inception of synthesis and transit to turn it into an artifact and a device.


The bottom line of his work is the process as a result, like the no-answer. It is a kind of random cadavre exquis, where the artificial processes are naturalized.


The artist urges us to play, to resist and also, to alter our logical perceptiveness.

dynamics [input] is movement and stillness. It is pause and pulse, intensity in time.


Text: Julieta Sepich, September 2017



jorge haro av concert

spectra: traces - ghost
Glass, wood, Arduino MEGA, LEDs, LCD display
Photo: Santiago Mele

jorge haro av concert

reflex: reflex – image on itself
Printed glass, wood, automated light system
Photo: Santiago Mele

jorge haro av concert

hidro: liquid – immersion - transformation
Tank with water, hidrophone, vibration devices, Arduino UNO, audio mixer, headphones
Photo: Lucía Macaggi

jorge haro av concert

a/d: digital / analogue – equality / inequality
Turntable, vynil record, audio mixer, A/V conversor, projector
Photo: Santiago Mele