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a>v [buenos aires] 
Audiovisual Concert 
Space of Sound Creation/Sound Instants
December 15th, 20:00 
Domus Artis

Av. Triunvirato 4311, Buenos Aires, Argentina

pierrot lunaire by arnold schoenberg [buenos aires] 
Real Time Video Accomplishment 
Vera Cirkovic: voice 
Fernando Pérez: piano 
Camerata Bariloche Soloists 
November 14th, 20:30; 15th, 17:00 
Colón Theater Experimentation Centre (CETC)-Del Globo Theater

Marcelo T. de Alvear 1155, Buenos Aires, Argentina

a>v [santiago de chile] 
Audiovisual Concert 
November 4th, 20:00 
Cultural Centre of Spain

Providencia Avenue 927, Santiago de Chile

works based on field recordings [valparaíso] 
Acousmatic Concert 
October 30th, 19:30 
Tsonami-Sound Art Encounter
Rubén Darío Hall

Avenida Errázuriz 2120, Valparaíso, Chile

a>v [berlin] 
Audiovisual Concert 
October 19th, 21:00 
Kule-Labor Sonor 

August str. 10, 10117, Berlin-Mitte, Germany

in [un]real time [buenos aires] 
Audiovisual Concert 
Jorge Haro and Carlos Trilnick 
with the collaboration of Andrea Fasani and Dolores Vázquez 
July 22th, 19:00 
Consonancias Cycle 
Buenos Aires Cultural Centre of Spain (CCEBA)

Paraná 1159, Buenos Aires, Argentina

u_xy [bogota] 
Audiovisual Concert 
May 1st, 21:00 
Kra 11 # 67-20, Transmilenio: Flores, Bogotá, Colombia

u_xy [bogota] 
Audiovisual Concert 
April 27th, 12:00 
Hall of Music Ernesto Martín, El Campito, Los Andes University 
Carrera 1 N° 19-27, Edificio Aulas, Bogotá, Colombia

u_xy [manizales] 
Audiovisual Concert 
April 23th, 20:00 
International Image Festival 
Fundadores Theater, Manizales, Colombia