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u_2003 [buenos aires] 
Audiovisual Concert
December 20th, 20:00
2x1 - Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires 
San Juan 350, Buenos Aires, Argentina


u_2003 [rosario] 
Audiovisual Concert
December 5th, 22:00
Spain Park Cultural Centre
Sarmiento and Río Paraná, Rosario, Argentina


u_2003 [valencia] 
Audiovisual Concert
October 1st, 16:00
Observatori Festival - City of Arts and Sciences 
López Piñero 7, Valencia, Spain


u_bsc>2003 [barcelona] 
Music for Symphonic Band and Concrete Sounds
Symphonic Band of Barcelona, conducted by Jorge Haro
October 31th , 22:00
LEM Festival - L’spai Theatre 
Travessera de Gràcia 63, Barcelona, Spain


u_2003 [vigo] 
Audiovisual Concert
October 25th, 21:00
Sonic Art Encounters - Contemporary Art Museum
Rua Príncipe 54, Vigo, Spain


u_2003 [buenos aires] 
Audiovisual concert
August 9th, 20:15
Fuga Jurásica Festival - Museum of Natural Science
Angel Gallardo 490, Buenos Aires, Argentina


u_2003 [misiones] 
Audiovisual Concert
August 1st, 21:00
Contemporary Art Museum
Roque Pérez and Colón, Posadas, Misiones, Argentina


u_2003 [buenos aires] 
July 3rd, 19:00
Open Studio - Harrods Building 
Florida 877, Buenos Aires, Argentina